Itaka Way Med Protocol

The 3D Smile Factory laboratory has adopted the innovative Itaka system, which consists of Arthur and Cyclops.

Arthur is a dynamic articulator that replicates mandibular movements recorded in analog form with Cyclops.
This allows for managing functions and anatomy in prosthetic and layered works, as well as removable prosthetics.

In this laboratory, individual prostheses are created using the actual movements of the patient through the Itaka Way Med Protocol.



The recording file acquired by the clinician using Cyclops is sent to the laboratory and imported into the CAD system for the development of artifacts.

From this, it’s possible to obtain a prosthesis with patient-specific anatomy and function because Arthur acts as an articulator, replicating masticatory movements.

This combined system allows for reduced chairside time, improved quality, and enhanced patient experience.

The Cyclops System

Cyclops is a highly advanced camera system that scans all the translational and rotational mandibular movements of the patient, allowing them to be recorded and exported as digital data.


From Analogue to Digital

The 3D Smile Factory production center offers a range of highly digital dental and dental services for the development and production of dental prostheses.

Thanks to a professional team and a constant investment in research and development, the laboratory has become a trusted partner for industry operators.