Guided Surgery



At 3D Smile Factory, we are dedicated with passion and expertise to provide our customers with top-notch support in the design of surgical guides.

Our mission is to make implant-prosthetic procedures safer and more efficient, ensuring dental professionals the utmost ease of operation, even in the immediate installation of prostheses whenever possible.

What does Guided Surgery mean?

Guided Surgery represents a revolutionary evolution in dental implantology practice. Thanks to the combination of cutting-edge technologies, such as 3D scanning, digital printing, and CBCT, we are capable of designing highly precise custom surgical guides for each patient.

This tailored approach allows the professional to visualize the clinical case in advance and possibly proceed with the planning of temporary prostheses. Once the case study is completed and the necessary clinical corrections are made, the surgical guide is printed.

Advantages of Guided Surgery:

Reduced intervention times

Accurate planning and pre-operative preparation allow for a significant reduction in intervention times, enabling the patient to return to their daily routine as quickly as possible.

Minimally invasive

Guided Surgery reduces the need for invasive interventions, as the precision of the design optimizes the use of resources and minimizes the surgical area.

Improved prosthetic integration

The personalized design of surgical guides ensures a perfect integration of prostheses, providing an aesthetic and functional final result.

Choose 3D Smile Factory for a brighter, safer, and longer-lasting smile. Guided Surgery is the future of dental implantology, and we are ready to guide you towards a new era of precision and dental well-being.

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